Sherwood rv 6030r specification sheets

Specification sherwood

Sherwood rv 6030r specification sheets

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re: RV- 5030R Submitted by Bassblaster505 on March 24th,. I Got one of these from a buddy to repair. problem was the B688 and D718 for the center channel shorted. it also took out both drivers and the special C4137 temp comp transistor. lucky i had 4 C4137' s but i replaced the B688 and D718 with the NJW1302G and NJW3281G and the drivers with the BD139 and BD140. Need a manual for Sherwood RV 6030R Hi, The manual is available for downloads but with a price tag.

sherwood rv 6030r specification sheets

The best bargain is from the link below at a cost of $ 4. Click on the link if you wish to make the purchase. Power output: 55 watts per channel into 8Ω ( stereo).